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January 03, 2017

GAPFA News congratulates all poultry farmers in Ghana and GAPFA members in particular, on braving the odds to keep the Ghanaian poultry Industry going during the year 2016, in spite of the great challenge that faced the industry.

The avian influenza, commonly known as bird flu, remained a real threat, carried over from year 2015. A number of poultry farmers suffered significant losses from the flu outbreak. Compensation promised by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture was at best, inadequate or did not materialize.

From the beginning of the year, the demand for eggs started dwindling. Large stocks of eggs got spoiled and thrown away. Many farmers were forced to sell their laying birds when they were not fully spent.

Several reasons have been cited for this unfortunate situation – the general economic malaise, imports from neighboring countries, ( particularly Cote d’Ivoire ), the election fever, and so on. It is not clear when this situation will end. Neither has MOFA given any indication with regard to its resolution.

However, GAPFA NEWS encourages farmers not to be intimidated by these threats. They not to new. The way we have travelled in the past should give us courage and hope for the future. We have always come out alive, even when several battered and bruised.

The new year 2017, presents an opportunity for a fresh start and renewed hope for optimism. GAPFA News wishes poultry farmers better fortune in 2017.

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