• In the face of shortages of agricultural inputs in the 1970’s, a group of mainly small-scale poultry farmers came together under the leadership of the late Mr. Adolphus Kluffio to form the Greater Accra Poultry Farmers Association (GAPFA) in October 1978. The new Association operated in a private residence at La, Accra. In view of its small membership and level of operations at the time, it was registered as a Private Company Limited by Guarantee under the Companies Code. The Association set itself during this difficult period, the task of supplying poultry inputs on regular basis to its members at very competitive prices. These involved the sale and distribution of inputs such as feed, wheatbran, maize, drugs, day-old chicks etc. to members.

    In 1983, the Association’s operations were relocated to a rented premises in Nima, Accra. That year (1983) also marked a watershed in the history of the Association. It was in this year that the Association took the decision to set up its own feedmill to ensure a regular supply of high quality feed to its members. In pursuit of this objective, members paid special levies to procure a half-ton an hour mixer, a hammermill and a cornmill to start the feedmill.

    By 1991, the Association’s operations had expanded so much that the need was felt to acquire landed property for further expansion. The Association’s present location at Sakaman, was therefore acquired in 1992. The acquisition of the former Rockman’s blade factory at Sakaman was at the initial cost of GHC32.0m (thirty-two million cedis). An additional GHC8.0m (eight million cedis) was spent on modifications of the facility so as to make it suitable for our operations as a feedmill. In December 1993, the Association vacated the rented Nima premises and moved to its present location at Sakaman.

    From its humble beginning, GAPFA with the support of its members and staff has worked hard to become a force to reckon with in the poultry industry. In 1995, the Association produced a total of 81,000 bags of feed. Since then, the Association has expanded its production facility and also acquired new equipment and machines to replace its old equipment. The present installed capacity of the feedmill stands at 12 (Twelve) tons per hour. The Association sold a total of 355,091 bags, (about 19,176 metric tons) during the year 2012. GAPFA is an active member of the following organizations, Ghana Employers Association, Ghana Feedmillers Association and the Ghana Grains Council.

    The Association has a current membership of over 700 (Seven hundred) and a workforce of 57 (Fifty-seven). Majority of the membership is from the Greater Accra Region and the rest are from the Western, Central, Eastern and Ashanti region. In keeping with the regulation of the Association, GAPFA is managed by an Executive Secretary, who is a full-time employee and works closely with a four-man Management Committee which is elected by a fifteen member Executive Council which itself is elected by the General Body.

    Apart from its core business of producing feed for its numerous members, the Association retails veterinary drugs and provides technical advice to farmers. The Association has a 2000 sq metre warehouse, situated on its 6 acre parcel of land at Gomoa Akotsi, Central Region. The warehouse has a capacity of 3500 metric tons.

    GAPFA is unique in the sense that it is the only feed manufacturing concern in the country that is fully owned by farmers. It has been the stabilizing factor in the poultry industry since its inception. Though the quality of its feeds is of the highest standard, its prices are the most competitive in the country.